My 8 month old Lab puppy was diagnosed with OCD. Any information would be helpful.
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Thread: My 8 month old Lab puppy was diagnosed with OCD. Any information would be helpful.

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    DefaultMy 8 month old Lab puppy was diagnosed with OCD. Any information would be helpful.

    My lovely 8 month old black lab Layla was just recently diagnosed with OCD or Osteochondritis Dissecans in both of her ankles (hocks?). She has a flap and lesion in one and a lesion in her second. She's been limping on the one with the flap and it was recommended to us that she undergo surgery on both legs as soon as possible. We got two opinions on this from local vets and they both said surgery if affordable will likely solve the problem and for the most part allow Layla to have a normal life. It will however increase her possibility of getting arthritis later in her life.

    Does anyone have any experience with this disease? Is surgery an option or are there non surgical remedies that may be more beneficial. Layal is far from overweight. She weighs only 47 pounds at 8 months and has a perfect build. She's on a diet of Pro Plan puppy Large Breed formula.

    Any information would be helpful.

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    If you google canine OCD you wil get alot of links with some good info... I am waiting to see if my one year old has OCD of the knee....sorry no advice, but I think arthritis will set in with or without surgery. Prayers for your pup.

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    I have a dog that had surgery of the hock for OCD. I probably would have waited though. Rookie's surgery was successful, but he still has bad days if he plays too hard, he comes up lame. I would really recommend you spending time with an orthopedic vet before you rush into surgery. If I had it to do over again, I would also have gone right into physical therapy and not have waited 6 weeks post op. Rookie lost a lot of muscle mass because of it.

    Keep her on the lean side and start supplementing her with vitamin c for swelling, glucosimine/chondrointin for the joints.
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    Hang in there. My 10 month old puppy just received a very similar diagnosis yesterday. He underwent double shoulder surgery today. He has OCD in both shoulders with one flap floating in the joint. I didn't really have a choice, he had to have the surgery to not be in pain. I don't have a lot of advice because, well, I am in the same boat as you. I have read and have been told that with shoulder surgery they can make a remarkable recovery. Everything in me is banking that he will be able to live a normal, happy pain free life. Best wishes to you and your pup.
    Allison and Cooper

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