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    DefaultRandom Facial Swelling

    My (almost) 2 year old yellow lab, Kelsey, has been having some weird random facial swelling the last few days. It comes and goes very quickly. Some have been around her eyes, some on her snout and one of her ears had a couple of lumps in it (the floppy part, not inside the actual ear).

    They typically are gone within an hour or two. They are not painful and haven't changed her behaviour or anything like that.

    I'm thinking maybe allergic reaction? Some may have been facial trauma as it's quite icy here and we were out playing in a paddock covered with crackly snow on the weekend and she may have bumped her head a few times digging for stuff and running through the snow. But they've continued throughout the week too.

    She's on the same diet, same treats, same everything.

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    My first guess is an allergic reaction to something. My Aila had to go to the emergency hospital awhile back because, out of the blue, half her face swelled up to the size of a football. The doctor figured she was bitten by a spider or something like that. If Kelsey keeps having these random facial swelling episodes, I would definately make a vet appointment. Better safe than sorry.

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    We think we've narrowed it down to her scratching, as the areas around her face seem to bump up when she rubs/scratches them. It's really weird though.

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    Its not normal for an area to swell from scratching without an underlying issue/cause. I am thinking an allergic reaction too but its strange that it comes and goes so quickly.

    I would at least call and discuss it with your vet.

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