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    DefaultNatural Balance (Dick Van P.) food

    I think I remember someone mentioning that they fed the Sweet Potato/Fish or Potato/Duck formula with great success.

    I was pointed in the direction of the Sweet Potato/Fish formula for Sam as an alternative to the Royal Canin vegatarian formula our vet is researching as a low-fat/allergy free food for Sam. RC's low-fat formula won't work as it contains chicken. And if I can find a high-quality food that is just as good (if not better) than RC, that's always better as the RC can be pricey (our vet would have special order it in as well).

    That being said, Natural Balance also has a Vegetarian forumula - along with Bison and Venison...however I'm not sure of Sam's other allergies aside from chicken/lamb so I'd prefer to stick with fish as a protein source I know he's ok with. The NB formulas are also grain-free, which seems to be a good thing for pancreaticallergy issues.

    Currently I've been feeding ProPlan SS&S to both dogs, and they do very well on it. However it has 16% fat which is too high for Sam now.
    The NB SW&P dry has 10% fat, whereas the NB veggie forumula has 8%.

    Also, dry vs. wet....wet seems to have a lower fat percentage than dry. Perhaps a combo of both types is an idea?

    Thanks guys!
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    Not quite sure what you're asking, but Caleb's been on NB's LID foods for almost 3 years (the grain free line) with great success. Not sure how much the RC foods are, but NB is running me a little over $2 a pound.

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    As far as I know, it's still a good food. My parents' Sheltie is on it and does great. I know it used to get great reviews. The only reason I say "It used..." is solely because I haven't paid attention once I found a food that Jes does really well on.

    As for dry v. wet...the canned has quite a bit more fat if my calculation is correct (18.18% for wet and 11.11% for dry - both on a dry matter basis).

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    I fed the Duck and Potato for quite awhile. They tinkered with the formula a few months ago, nobody notified us ( I was on their e-mail list ) and Honey reacted very poorly to the change. I never got a real answer from them, and have moved on to a Vet-only food. Every dog is different, so yours may do just fine on it. A lot of this is just finding what works for you. Good luck, I know how difficult these allergies can be.

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    Sadie was eating the Potato/Duck formual up until the formula change a couple months ago and had problems with it and we had to switch. She had been doing very good on it and I hated to switch but, we had to. Not sure you would have the same problems since you're starting out new and not having to deal with the formula change.

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    Kim, my 3 are all on NB sweet potato and venison and we've had great success! We went to this food because Frankie has egg and fish allergies, among others we haven't pin-pointed.

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    My black lab, Duke, is on the sweet potato and venison formula and has done great on it. His coat shines and he looks great!

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    My dog got sick on it after having been on it for a few years. Tried it again after 2 years on another food, got sick again, so I avoid NB altogether.

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    Kim, because of the issue you are dealing with, I would stick with one food - dry. Find something that works and stick with it religiously for several months. Treat only with pieces of kbible also. Then consider adding some wet if you think it is necessary. If your boy is maintaining a healthy weight and flourishing there will not be a need for the added food.

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