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    DefaultDry Pads?

    Over the last week I've noticed that Elijah's pads are starting to feel rough and dry, is there anything I can put on them that will stop them from getting to the point of cracking?

    The dog park is quite icy right now, and has lots of rough edges, which I think may be a factor. The only other time he is on the sidewalks is our five minute walk to our local hiking trails, and I'm always sure to wipe off his paws to get rid of any salt.

    I'm certain he will lick whatever I put on his paws off, so it would have to be ingestible and soak up fast!!



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    I love Bag Balm for any chapped or rough skin. It usd only be available in farm supply/fees stores, but the past few years I've seen it in WalMart, too. Another product I've heard very good things about is Musher's Secret ( Mushers Secret-all season paw protection for your dog) , but I've never used it. A lot of pet supply stores carry it.

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