Ongoing diarrhea issue
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Thread: Ongoing diarrhea issue

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    DefaultOngoing diarrhea issue

    I posted on here a few days ago about my 15 week old puppy. He has had diarrhea for a week now. It's more like soft stool (pudding). It seems to hit him suddenly. Well I took him off his food and gave him rice and chicken. It seemed to help but after talking to the vet, they said he needs to go back on food so I started introducing it again and he got sick again. I called the vet and they asked for a stool sample. Everything came back fine and they have put him on a special canned food diet with probiotics for a few days. Im really concerned. What could be causing this? He eats Eukanuba and has been on it for over a month so I don't think it's the food.

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    Has he gotten multiple vaccines recently? I had a pup that was given lepto along w/ combos that got a pretty bad case of diarrhea a year ago.
    I finally got him thru it w/ psyllium husks and pepto.

    I'd ask if the vet sent in the fecal or did an in house test too. The in house tests are missing things a significant amount of the times. Many vets will prescribe Tylan or something similar when these things are ongoing w/ no apparent cause. I'd not give up on it-- switch vets if you have to. Anne

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    how fresh was the sample you got to the clinic?
    I'm finding (like WC) fecal tests seem to miss lots unless they are super fresh and sent to a lab

    it could be a parasite, a virus, a bacteria or a food reaction ... none of which are huge issues once you figure it out - see what the vet prescribed food does and go from there

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    You got good advice already.
    Vet should be able to identify the cause. Did they specifically check for giardia and coccadia? (SP? on both).
    Are you giving the pup treats? If yes, cut them off completely for a few days. Including any human table scraps, which he should get anyway.
    You can try adding some canned pumpkin to his meal, not pumpkin pie filling.
    15 weeks, how much does he weigh? You could try immodium, but I wouldn't know if half a pill is too much for a 15 week old pup.
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    It's more than likely not the food, but at this point, why not switch and see if it clears up. Who knows, there might be something in the Eukanuba that his body isn't liking. I would try the Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach food (buy a small bag to start out) and see if that doesn't help matters. At 15 weeks, it won't hurt him to switch to an adult food like the SS&S. As Ed suggested, if you are giving treats, stop that immediately.


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