Puppy has diarrhea...need advice
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Thread: Puppy has diarrhea...need advice

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    DefaultPuppy has diarrhea...need advice

    My puppy is 15 weeks old. Last Saturday he received two shots (rabies and another one...right now I can't remember...distemper or parvo, perhaps). Anyway, he seemed lethargic for the first couple of days after the shots but sprang back to normal. On Wednesday, he started having really soft stool/diarrhea. After a day or two of this, I switched to a rice and chicken diet and his stool seemed to start firming back up. Today, I tried mixing his dog food in with the rice and tonight, sure enough, diarrhea again. Ugh...I'm worried about my pup and since it's Christmas, obviously it's going to be a day or two before I get him to a vet. In the meantime, does anyone have any advice? Could it be the shots? Could it be the food? I had been giving him snacks of carrots before hand but stopped when this started. Tonight I have him a carrot. Could it be the carrot?

    It is interesting that he is hyper and feels fine. He is active and his normal crazy self. Thoughts? Btw, his regular food is Eukanuba Large puppy Breed. Is this crap food? I'm starting to wonder. Any suggestions for good food for him?

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    It could be the shots. Diarrhea is a symptom of something else going on. I tell my puppy people to NEVER get more than one shot at a time. It over-taxes the immune system and can cause havoc in a lot of dogs. So in the future, try and schedule 3-4 weeks between shots rather than do two at once.

    Eukanuba is a good food. He's been eating it for awhile so it's unlikely to all of a sudden cause him problems unless this is a new bag. Why are you giving him carrots? I would cut out all snacks for awhile too. Get him back on the chicken and rice diet for a few days, then slowly try introducing the food again once the diarrhea has stopped.

    I'm betting once the shots get into his system things will slack off and he'll get back to normal. Just remember, no more than one shot at a time. You see what it does to him and be thankful it was just lethargy and diarrhea.


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    Much more likely he picked something up at the vets (a bug of some sort) that is causing the digestive upset - cut out treats for now and stay with what is working for his system for a couple of days .. that will give his system a chance to rest
    the lethargy could be the result of the shots - and splitting the vaccines makes sense - my dogs get them as split as possible - it ends up costing more but is worth it to me.

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    Brody loves diarrhea threads. lol

    My puppy stool is firm after feeding her chicken and rice the last few days. I also feed my three month old Eukanuba and mix it with her chicken and rice, and no problems. I think the carrots from a soup I made made my pup sick and maybe it was too early to give her. It could of been the shots. Like you, my puppy energy level was fine except the 1st day when she starting having diarrhea. Hope everything works out.

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