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    Kodi is now a 14 month old black lab. he was on blue buffalo most of puppy life but about 2 months ago stopped eating the chicken and rice formula. After reading the recalls on the food too i switched him to pro plan selects turkey and barley. He loved it at first but now seems to be sticking his nose up at it. My mother in law feeds her dogs (not labradors) pedigree and he doesnt get his head out of the bowl if one of them were to walk away from it. I tried a fish based food in the past and he gets loose stools. Should i try a different flavor or do you have another brand of food that is also a good choice that he will eat. I would perfer not to put him on pedigree but if thats what he will eat then i guess i will have to. any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Feeding Pedigree is like putting a child on a steady diet of Twinkies.

    Is he getting scraps? Are you adding things to his food to "bribe" him into eating? Dogs can become picky eaters pretty easily if you do things like that.

    I would pick a food (ProPlan is fine) and stick with it. Give him 15 minutes to eat and if he turns up his nose lift the food and offer the same bowl again at dinner time. He will not starve himself. My younger dog started turning his nose up to his food back in the summer and he is back to being a robust eater again.
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    I agree with the above - be careful about not jumping on the food roller coaster unecessarily.

    Did he stop eating completely or was he eating less (the first time, two months ago?) Is it possible he just needed less food per day? (this does happen sometimes?). The more you keep chaning foods because he stops eating, the more he learns to control YOU by eating or not and he may put up the fight often no matter what food you feed. Pick a food that is healthy and works for the dog (health wize) and stick to it, using the technique above (remove food after 15 minutes).
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    he had a skin rash break out and the vet said that it might be related to food allergies. so with the recalls that blue buffalo was having i switched him off of it. he wasnt eating the blue either. i will have to stick to the 15 minute rule and no treats for now. thanks

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