sudden lethargy at 8 1/2
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Thread: sudden lethargy at 8 1/2

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    Defaultsudden lethargy at 8 1/2

    I have an 8 1/2 yr black lab and live in northern Italy (originally my lab was from Holland breeder where we lived until 3 years ago)

    We have had our first snow but cold is nothing new to Ollie. For 6 months he has been going up and down stairs without a problem as he sleeps and eats in the basement/office area but 3 days ago he started sitting by the stairs reluctant to go down/up also he goes out of the house and just sits, even first thing in the morning when normally he would go in search of the first wee of the day. It may also be that he is sighing more as if to say something but I know thats a human trait and may no apply.

    Some extra background, we changed from Royal canin light to mature a week ago, he ate some smelly stuff in a field a week ago but his poo and wee looks normal.

    Its such strange reaction we took him to a vet yesterday (although I have limited faith in Italian vets) and he checked him from head to toe including joints, urine, temperature and poo and found nothing strange.

    Its the speed of the change that has thrown us most, we know he is getting old but would have expected a slower transition to getting old.

    Does anyone have a similar experience or and advice or sugggestions for us?

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    Do you have Lyme disease in Italy? This is how my 2 acted when they had it. A simple blood test from the vet should tell you.

    Did they do any bloodwork on him? They need to. I hope it's nothing!

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    I would get blood work done, maybe his thyroid is off. Also, no need to have him on a "mature diet." Put him back on regular food. If you are concerned about weight gain, just cut back the amount. A lot of senior diets are lower in protein and they are finding that older dogs need protein. Reduced protein causes reduced muscle mass.

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    couple of days enforced rest and he seems to be back to normal....fingers crossed, thanks

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