Scruffy Allergic To Z/D??
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Thread: Scruffy Allergic To Z/D??

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    QuestionScruffy Allergic To Z/D??

    Hello Everyone
    My Chocolate Lab has been diagnosed with food allergies for a couple of years. It mostly manifests in the ears, and face, and belly. In January after trying Natures Recipe Lamb and Venison finally decided to keep Scruffy on Z/D even though the cost is outrageous. It appears that now Scruffy has developed allergies to the z/d. He is constantly shaking his head and rubbing his head on the bed (which makes it hard for me to sleep! and I know he is uncomfortable)... Vet hasn't offered up any allergy testing (and right now we are trying to watch our spending till both working again) Want to try elimination diet but not sure what protein to start with, or where to find it in this area... Any suggestions?

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    Has the rash/affected area been cultured? It may not be food at all.
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    Z/D is not the best food to use for food trials. They hydrolyzed protein is chicken - one of the top allergens for dogs. I would try Purina HA or Royal Canin HP instead - they're hydrolyzed soy. I'd also be sure you're on a very strict flea control regimen.

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