When we got Remi I dont know what the heck she was on but she had some nasty nasty poos I found this food at our local Agway (which is carrying alot of premium foods now) I was however in a rush the day I grabbed it and grabbed the chicken and rice formula and fed it too her ONCE and she had the nastiest poos (yes I watch her poo lol) so I brought it back and grabbed the Turkey and Sweet Potato Formula which is grain free and what I wanted in the first place. Im assuming grains bother her tummy because since putting her on this grain free formula her coat has bounced back, and is soo soft, and most of all her poos are nice, firm and small! Well enough of my rambling but Im soo impressed with this food. Has anybody heard of it? I cant seem to find it on the dogfood analysis site so im going to assume its fairly new?

She also gets a fish oil capsule once a day