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    QuestionAnother food question...

    I have an almost 4 year-old labrador and may very soon be getting a second lab puppy. I seem to remember reading somewhere, when Summer was a pup, that you shouldn't feed bigger breeds food (too much protein or calcium or something? Don't exactly remember the reason) for big breed puppies, but should put them on adult food from the start? I have fed mine Kirkland Chicken and Rice since I got her. Any opinions?

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    Are you getting your new pup from a breeder? If so, follow their suggestions. As to whether or not to feed puppy food, that's up to you. I know breeders who feed regular puppy food up until about 4 months of age. I know others that feed an adult food from weaning and never feed a puppy food at all.


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    As Laura suggested, if your breeder has a suggestion, follow it...(assuming you are getting the pup from a reputable breeder). I fed mine regular puppy food (not large breed) until about 5-6 months and then went to regular adult food (at that time ProPlan Chicken and Rice).

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    Protein is not a problem. Too much calcium is. Stay with 1.5 or below. But as mentioned, follow the advice of the breeder as long as they are feeding a quality food (not Beneful for example)

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