Bruno is making me crazy (sorry, long)
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Thread: Bruno is making me crazy (sorry, long)

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    DefaultBruno is making me crazy (sorry, long)

    The last week of July, he and Duke were playing their full speed catch me. You can imagine how fast Bruno is with those long legs, and Duke knows he can't catch him so he heads him off. Bruno was running full speed, Duke jumped in his path, Bruno did a sudden sharp turn at full speed, and fell over on his side. My heart sropped, but he got up and continued running. The next day he had a slight limp. The limp continued and I would rest him a week or two, it looked better, limp seemed gone, came back. One wouldn't notice the limp but when he walkes at a fast pace, his head goes up and down... down when right foot goes out, up when left foot goes out. Sometimes it's more pronounced, sometimes not at all. It doesn't slow him down at all. I'm thinking it's probably the front left foot, the side he fell on. To the vet a few weeks ago, the vet couldn't find anything wrong, wouldn't even know which leg to x ray. He suggested that I rest him again, but bring him back slowly. It didn't get better so I made an appointment with an ortho vet in two weeks. Yesterday was the first day of no sign of a limp. If this continues for the next week, I will cancel his appointment. (I have 24 hrs to cancel the appointment.)

    Has anyone had experience with a slight intermittent limp that lasted 3 months?

    He hasn't been limping at all for the last three days so I cancelled his appointment. Will keep him down for a week longer just to be sure.
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    not with a lab; but with a cocker spaniel.

    if it's a soft tissue injury; those take FOREVER to heal.

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    No experience but I sure hope he gets better.

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    Ugh. Poor Bruno. We've been going through the same thing with Theo. After SIX WEEKS of only leash walks and NSAIDs (Metacam), the limp is now totally gone. I'm going to take him off the meds on Saturday, and if the limp returns we have an appointment at an ortho vet the following Thursday. But as Sandy said, it may just be something (like tendinitis) that takes a long time to heal.

    We noticed that going down stairs were especially stressful for him, so we blocked access to our upstairs and have kept him off the couch and bed. That's the been the hardest part of the whole ordeal.

    Hope Bruno's better soon.

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    We went through that with Shadow. It was an injury to the soft tissue in her shoulder/chest, and it does take forever to heal. No running, chasing, especially no chasing balls or Frisbees, for at least a month, preferably two. She'd look and seem fine, and as soon as she started running and playing again, the limp would come back. We did a full two-month rest and then she was fine. The vet told us it was the sudden stops and turns that do the damage, more so than falls.
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