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    DefaultRepelling flies

    Help, my dogs are fly-blown! We've recently moved to an area with a lot of bush land and I'm finding that every time I let the dogs outside they are literally covered in flies within minutes. The flies are particularly partial to their ears, and must be biting them because they are getting crusty, bloody areas on their ears, which are of course attracting even more flies. I've just called the vet and am going to get some repellent tonight, just wondering if anyone has any natural remedies they've used that work well? I'm not fond of the idea of spraying chemicals on my dogs twice a day. And of course I wouldn't mind saving the $14 a bottle that this is going to cost if I can find a decent alternative either!

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    Try rubbing some Bag Balm on crusty/sore spots their ears. I'm not so sure it will repel the flies, but it does help them heal. Back before we knew of Bag Balm, I used to use Vaseline in our Sibe/GSD's ears, and the horses' when I was growing up.

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