I'm a new poster, but I've been lurking around these forums for a while now and finally decided to ask a question and get involved.

My 11yr old male yellow has always chewed his pays badly. The area on the bottom of his front paws between the pad and his toes is kind of a brownish red when he chews them. In the past he has chewed raw spots on his legs.

Last fall, he started coughing a little and sneezing along with the chewing his paws and legs.

This fall, he is still chewing his paws, but not chewing his legs at all. However, he's developed a stuffy, runny nose and is having brief 'reverse sneezing' episodes, like he's trying to inhale the gunk that's in his nose. I've been giving him benadryl twice a day.

This is what I see from him everyday:

-Stuffed up nose that's relieved by benadryl and 20 mins in a steamy bathroom.
-Drainage is clear and relatively watery.
-His appetite and energy level have not changed.
-Reverse sneezing episodes a couple times a day when no benadryl is on board.

This is the first time I've ever had to give him benadryl on a daily basis. I've always just gave it to him as needed.

His diet hasn't changed in 4 years, and he eats his food well and begs for treats.

In the past, all the vets have instructed us to give him antihistamines since his allergies were then just considered mild.

This year his allergies have been much worse than before.

Vet appointment is scheduled for this Friday. I'm hoping some folks on here have dealt with something like this and could tell me about their experiences and what they did to help alleviate the allergy symptoms.

I don't think my lab is terribly bothered by them, just his stuffy nose worries me.

Thank you,