Dodgy breeder fed our pup solid food from 5 weeks..
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Thread: Dodgy breeder fed our pup solid food from 5 weeks..

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    DefaultDodgy breeder fed our pup solid food from 5 weeks..

    We just recently got a beatiful Lab pup. I inspected her before we got her and apart from being a bit shy and lethargic (probably from being handled all day by pesky kids!) she looked healthy.

    Then I found out from the woman breeder that she was 6 weeks and she has been eating PUPPY CHOW solid puppy food. Now is it just me, or is this a No No.

    Arent pups supposed to be still drinking mothers milk until 8 weeks?

    Nevertheless she is now 6 and a half weeks and we are still feeding her the PUPPY CHOW and shes drinking water.

    Should we revert to giving her whole milk? I am worried that the breeder was dodgy and that our little Millie is not getting the correct nutrition.

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    That doesn't sound strange to me. Most pups that I know of are weaned off of mother's milk by around 6 weeks. Pups need to stay with their litter til 8 weeks (or close to it) for the learning experience they'll get, not to nurse. Our Caleb came home at 8 weeks eating dry food.
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    Puppies begin weaning at about three weeks old.

    By 8 weeks its not uncommon that puppies are eating kibble only.

    If you had questions about how the puppies were raised, the time to complain would have been before purchase. I encourage everyone looking at buying a puppy to be very scrutinizing. Once you've paid for the puppy, its your bad for not ensuring it was raised in a way you found appropriate.

    Shy and lethargic are not two ways I would want to hear anyone describe a Labrador puppy. Regardless if its being handled by children or not. Your puppy is far too young to be away from her mother and littermates. 8 weeks at minimum and further, most states have laws in place to make it illegal to sell or receive a puppy that young.

    Yes, your breeder was dodgey, but not for feeding it dog food.

    Puppy Chow is also a very low quality food.
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    *points to her right palm*


    I usually start my puppies on puppy food at about 3 weeks. So no, this doesn't sound dodgy to me. Dogs for the most part are lactose intolerant so you shouldn't give them dairy products.

    Actually, I'm more concerned with the fact that you got a puppy at 6 weeks rather than the puppy eating puppy food.


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    Ditto to what the others said.

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