Veterinary Coalition to Target Drop in Client Visits DVM 360 Oct. 1, 2010
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Thread: Veterinary Coalition to Target Drop in Client Visits DVM 360 Oct. 1, 2010

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    DefaultVeterinary Coalition to Target Drop in Client Visits DVM 360 Oct. 1, 2010

    Veterinary Coalition to Target Drop in Client Visits DVM NEWSMAGAZINE October 1, 2010 Veterinary coalition to target drop in client visits - DVM

    A couple of quotes from the article: "At presstime, a planning meeting is slated for November to bring leaders in practice and industry together in an attempt to carve out a series of strategies to help reverse a trend of dwindling client visits. "

    "Heartworm prevention represents a huge opportunity for practitioners, Payne says, especially if the profession can improve compliance rates and convert pet owners who are not currently giving heartworm preventives to their pets. In fact, he believes a wholesale push could offset losses from flea and tick product revenue for practices. "
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    The next sentence not posted:

    "And while products represent a portion of a practice's finances, the key to success for veterinarians will be about prevention and protecting that pet's health throughout its life."

    Gosh I hate that. How dare veterinarians work to keep pets alive longer. How dare they look to focus on an easily preventable, deadly disease. How dare they look at strategies to stay in business. Those money grubbers.

    I can guarantee you that vets charge more (and the profit margin is much higher) for melarsomine treatment and monitoring than selling heartworm prevention for a year.

    Also not included in the selected quotes:
    "Over the last several years, the veterinary profession has removed trip drivers, Payne says. "We have changed vaccine protocols, which is a good thing. We have products changing distribution. That's a trip driver. And you are seeing this constant bombardment of messages on television about saving money and saving a trip to the veterinarian. It's dangerous for this profession.""

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