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    DefaultGrowing bump on skin

    Our year and half old lab recently had this bump appear on his right side, near the top of his back. At first it was just small but has been growing over the last few weeks. We took him into the vet 2 days ago and they said to watch it for the next month or so to see if it keeps growing. Of course they said we would have to remove it which is going to cost $$$. The bump doesn't bother the puppy at all. The vet said not to pop it or squeeze it because it will just bleed and come back probably. It has a slight dryness to it and its started to get a slight pink/reddish color to it. It is big enough now that you can see it through his fur, probably around the size of a pencil eraser.
    Has anyone ever seen this kind of bump on there puppies? Any suggestions?

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    Most likely a histiocytoma, and those usually go away on their own. But definitely keep an eye on it.

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    Agree with Canyon. Envy had one on her hock at ~18 mos, and it got red and ugly then went away within no time. Not even a scar.

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    Our Hank had one on his leg just before he was a year. The vet explained a young dog's hyper response to healing - that it could have started out as just a nick or small cut, and the body "sent" too many skin cells to the immediate area, resulting in more than healing, resulting in a bump. The vet did not like the forearm area where the bump was located, said that it could be quite itchy and prone to being scratched open all the time and subsequent infection, and suggested that it be removed. She said it could go away on it's own, but could take many months. We decided to have it removed, and now there is just a small scar.

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