Update on my JRT that I posted about 3 months ago
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Thread: Update on my JRT that I posted about 3 months ago

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    DefaultUpdate on my JRT that I posted about 3 months ago

    We went to a neurology clinic in Aurora, IL, a suburb of Chicago that is about an hour from where we live. A wonderful vet and many tests resulted in a diagnosis of poly-arthritis. We are about 15 days into cutting down on the prednisone prescription and all seems to be going well.

    It is so good to have her feeling better; she is probably 99 percent back to normal. It has been a long summer, but I am so thankful that she is doing so well. We alsolutely loved the neurologic vet. She was excellent at explaining everything.

    Poor Halle was in so much pain and joints were so stiff that I was hand feeding her. This weekend I have been chasing her all over our 6 acres and DH has been filling in the holes she has dug.

    Judy, mom to Reba the Lab and Jalapeno, the JRT
    Judy, mom to Reba, the Lab, and Jalapeno (Halle), the JRT

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    I'm so glad that she's feeling much better. It's wonderful when they go back to their regular activities.

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    Good news.

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    great news

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