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Thread: Hydrotherapy @ Home..Need help

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    DefaultHydrotherapy @ Home..Need help

    Hi. I am a mom to a 10 year old lab that would really benefit from some hydrotherapy. However, it costs quite a bit in this area plus they close at 4 on the weekdays (I'm @ work). In addition to this, we wouldn't meet some of their admittance requirements (vaccinations).

    I'm also a "renter" so I can't really buy a pool and it would be useless in a month or so (winters are rough in Pittsburgh:-(

    So, I am thinking of different ideas...I have a (heated) 2 car garage that I could set something up in so she can go in a few times a week (even during the cold winter months). I'm not really sure what I should do? A 3 ft pool w/ filter and the works? A large plastic pond insert that I fill each time with warm water so it doesn't get disgusting? A livestock trough? A kiddie pool that won't tear? Any ideas???

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    I think this is a good idea. You can get a bestway above ground pool. I guess it would be ok in a garage if the sizing fitted.
    Ernie has HD and about 4 years ago bought him one as we don't have thngs like hydrotherapy. Our winters aren't too bad, but still too cold and ground is muddy in winter so only used 9 months of the year. They come in various sizes and come with an electric filter. Google Bestway or above ground polls and see what you can get.

    here is a pic. First one i saw on my photo bucket . that is a table he has in the pool. He likes to do that.

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