How Much Food & How Often?
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Thread: How Much Food & How Often?

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    DefaultHow Much Food & How Often?

    Could you please give me some feeding advice.

    Rosie is now 12.5 weeks old, I feed her dried food at breakfast (9am)

    Meat at lunchtime (12pm)

    Meat/Dried at tea time (5pm)

    Dried food at bedtime. (9pm)

    Water is available with all meals also just before I go to bed (12am,) I give her half a cup of warmed milk.

    Needless to say I am getting up to lots of wees and poos come morning.

    How many times should I feed her, what are the best times to feed her and should I be giving her food and drink before bedtime? I also give the odd chew stick throughout the day.

    I've searched everywhere on the net for answers and I'm getting lots of different answers, it seems food suppliers want us to feed more.

    At 12 weeks old, should she be on 4 meals a day?

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    Toby is around 11-12 wks and I feed him 3 times a day. Each bag of puppy food has the amount to feed a pup. He acts like he is starving the whole time which I know he isn't He also gets treats throughout the day.

    I take his water away from him around 7pm unless he has just come in from playing and then he gets a little to drink but thats it.

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    As you have found out, there are a lot of opinions on how to feed a pup.

    I fed my pups at 12 weeks of age three times a day, and they always had water available up until I went to bed. I think it was about 3 months when I switched from 4 to 3 times a day. Being a bit of an insomniac though, I generally took them for their last out ( and took their water away) around 2-3 am and was up by 7 am to let them out again.

    Be careful about the amount you feed your pup. In general, most manufacturers over estimate the amount that you need to feed your dog. Experience is the greatest teacher, and you need to go more by how your pup looks and is acting than to take the word of a manufacturer (meaning absolutely no disrespect to Midwest Girl).

    Here is a great link to a site that has just about anything and everything you would want to know about Labradors. Laura (site owner) has decades of experience in raising puppies and is frequently on this site. Feel free to ask questions here at JL, we are here to help!


    Personally I would not give meat (is this raw meat?) and kibble in the same meal. They digest at different rates and potentially could cause digestive upset.

    Of course we need puppy pictures! You will get lots of OOOOO's and AHHHH's!

    Karen and the gang
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    I would drop the evening meal at 9PM and stop the milk as well. Make sure the pup goes potty before you go to bed, and it should be better in the AM.

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    I fed my pup 4 times a day until she was about 4 1/2 months old & then I went down to 3 times. Molly, our older lab, has empty stomach syndrome & if she ate too early by 4 or 5 a.m. she would throw up some bile. Our vet suggested a later meal so now, with three, they all eat their meals 3 times a day. I just divide the amount and no more sick stomach & they all do well. All dogs are different & this schedule may not work for everyone.

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    Thanks for the advice, I dropped one meal and re-arranged meal times, also dropped the milk. Last feed was 7pm with Water, still fot up to one pee and poo though.

    Will try and post some pics....if I can find out how. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel08 View Post
    I give her half a cup of warmed milk.
    Why do you give her warmed milk? Never heard of that before. Is this cow milk? Goat milk?
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