Any experience with laser treatment or braces?
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Thread: Any experience with laser treatment or braces?

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    DefaultAny experience with laser treatment or braces?

    Charlie has arthritis in his elbows. He was hit by a vehicle when very young so we knew this was coming. He can't take standard NSAIDs such as metacam b/c he has colits. He is beginning a round of 6 laser treatments on his elbows. Does anyone have any experience with this? He had one yesterday and I didn't notice any difference after but he's not limping today. He has another one tomorrow.
    Another question I have is about bracing. I have arthritis in 3 joints myself and know how much better it feels when they're supported. Does anyone know anything about elbow braces for dogs?

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    I tried laser on the G. AND didn't noti e much difference. Each dog reacts differently,though. I have use elbow braces - Animal Rehab - Canada. They weren't bad qualità-wise, but the G. Wasn't thriller. I ave noticed bes t results with Adequan shorts combined with Bio Collagen or hyaluronic acid.

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    I'm sorry, I don't know much about either. However, my dog can't be treated with NSAIDs either. Can you tell me more about the laser treatments? I'm starting her on Adequan injections this Monday. Thanks and well wishes for your pup!


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