So I have a question again
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Thread: So I have a question again

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    DefaultSo I have a question again

    I wanted to know if this is the right time for Toby to be blowing his coat. He has never blown his coat to this extreme but this last winter was quite cold for Florida, could that be the reason for the heavy coat blowing. Thank goodness for the zoom groom best tool ever. Anyway just want to know if this is about right and how long is this going to last. He is not a year round shedder so I don't suspect food allergies. Just wanted to know if this is something normal. Oh he is 3.5 years old.
    Thanks Jaimie and Toby

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    Ernie shed his about twice a year around spring and autumn he blows his coat.You can see tufts drop off as they walk, even if you brushed them a few hours ago.

    HOw long does it last. Seems to be forever. Maybe a month or more??

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