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    DefaultUpdate on Shooter

    Shooter was my 4 year old that was sick and the et was stumped. see preious post..

    Update on shooter.. Is this normal?? It has been a week and shooter was slowly recovering, he still is not eating though. I can only get him to eat if I give him table food ( yes, i know it's bad for him) and even that doesn't really interest him. Could it just be because he is still recovering from whatever he had (remember we still don't know)? He is still on his antibiotics and milk thistle, do they change the demeanor/temperment? He is still not playfull, lays around all the time, he will still meet me at the door, follow all of us as we leave one room and go into another, but he just seems so lazy/lathergic all the time. He was so hyper before he got sick, could it also be maybe he hit his calm point? I know that sounds like a stupid question but I am hoping for anything but a serious illness. Thanks again for the advice.

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    I would take him to the vet or get a second opinion. A week is quite a long time for him to be not eating and lethargic. If my dog changes in any way it is his way of telling me something is wrong so I would be hammering on the vets door.

    What did the blood tests conclude.??
    No question is stupid.

    I hope you get some answers soon and Shooter is better.

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    A second opinion might be a good idea.

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    PLEASE read: https://justlabradors.com/forum/lab-h...d-ks-vets.html

    And PLEASE take him to Virginia Tech's, Ohio State's, or UPenn's CollVetMed Teaching Hospital raising questions about Heterobilharzia americana -- just in case, because until recently, it's not been a widespread concern and must be specifically suspected and tested for.

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