Cross post from LC... Leaking urine after after retrieves?
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Thread: Cross post from LC... Leaking urine after after retrieves?

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    DefaultCross post from LC... Leaking urine after after retrieves?

    I had Angus at the river tonight retrieving. he wore himself right out. Anyway, he rested in the yard when we got home for 1/2 hr or so, then I brought him in to the laundry room to finish drying. Olivia noticed he has peed on the tile floor. having just come in from outside, this was extremely unusual for him. I cleaned it and noticed when he was laying on his bed there were droplets coming out of his penis. I let him out, it was dark, but I could see him up against the fence for a bit longer than usual. He puttered around and I brought him in. I took a shower and went down to check on him. Again, there was a psmall pullde on his bed, and he was dripping urine. I let him out again, but it was too dark to see if he was peeing or just sniffing. he's now in the garage in his crate for the night (he's free range, so he probably feels like he's done something wrong =( )
    Any ideas of what caused this? over straining his lower miscles diving and swimming, maybe? I fail to see how it could be any kind of infection because it happened immediately after his swim session, never before.


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    Does Angus drink lots of water when he's swimming? My choc lab (female, 6 yrs) really takes in a ton of water when she's swimming...more so when the weather is hot. We have to really be vigilant about getting her outside to pee every half hour...otherwise she will leave a puddle wherever she's lounging. I don't know if she sleeps so deeply that she just loses bladder control, or what. Only happens after a big swimming episode. Last summer was extremely hot, and I had her into the vet because of this. The vet told me it's a common concern with water-loving dogs, but not indicative of any medical problems. So, now we simply anticipate this and make sure to get her in the yard - otherwise we'll be dealing with Miss Pee Pee Pants. Hope Angus likewise has nothing to worry about.

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    I sometimes have the same problem with Charlie. He loves swimming out at my parents' house but sometimes dribbles urine. He doesn't even seem to be aware it's happening. The vet said it's either excitement or an infection. We've gone with excitement b/c he seems to busy to pee. If he pees he starts to walk away while he's still going. He's also terrified of one of us leaving him so if my dad takes him out to pee, he's so eager to get back in to make sure I haven't left him that he doesn't empty his bladder. Often pees are a group trip.

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    I have the same problem with Cheka, spayed female, and also had with Riley (rip) both after heavy exercise when they had drunk a lot quickly. I believe it is not an uncommon problem with spayed FMs do not know if the same is true with males.... but I think the problem stems from drinking large quantities of water in a short time. It is the speed that the water passes into the bladder that causes the problem. The more people I meet the more I like my dog

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