Not digesting her food properly?
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Thread: Not digesting her food properly?

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    DefaultNot digesting her food properly?

    I had Star at the vet today, just for a routine check up and to get her rabies shot and I mentioned that she has had soft stools since I switched her food about a months ago. (We switched to Taste of the Wild, Wetlands Formula) so the vet did a fcal. they came back and told me that while she didn't have worms there was evidence that she wasn't digesting her food completely and that I should consider changing her food. Does anyone know how they tell the dog isn't digesting properly? I know I should have asked the vet but I for some bird brained reason didn't while I was there.


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    Not sure - my guess would be that there is undigested food in her poop.

    Some foods are simply too rich for a particular dog and yours may be experiencing that - if this problem persists you may want to (very slowly) switch to a different food (or different formula of TOTW).
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