Eating/chewing sticks, acorns? And a Kong question
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Thread: Eating/chewing sticks, acorns? And a Kong question

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    DefaultEating/chewing sticks, acorns? And a Kong question

    My pup loves to chew up sticks and pick up/chew acorns, which are all over the ground this time of year. I assume acorns aren't great for her to eat (potentially toxic in large doses, and choking hazard), so I try to get her to "drop it" with acorns - she sometimes does, and sometimes eats them. She chews sticks, but not sure she swallows much of it. Is this safe?

    Kong question: Do your dogs chew on Kongs when empty, or only when stuffed? We throw ours like a fetch toy, but other than that, she's not interested in it unless it's got food in it. Same for you?


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    I don't let Baloo chew/eat sticks, they can easily cause perforations or obstructions if swallowed, so I'd get her to drop it and replace with an appropriate toy.

    Kongs pretty much serve the same purpose in our house. Not stuffed? No thanks.
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    yup .... what kate said

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    Same as the sticks, no acorns. Not safe. My brother's choco lab boy swallowed a piece of stick and it perforated his intestine and almost killed him. Not worth taking the chance.

    As for Kongs...nope, no one touches them unless they're stuffed!!!

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    Thanks for the important info. Adi LOVES sticks and demolishes them into pieces. I dont believe she swallows but one never knows. I will keep sticks only for retrieving.

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    Bella Mia has been teething so much since we got her, so she did the same thing put sticks and black walnuts into her mouth. We taught her "drop it" and then "leave it" and by golly it does work. But she still is a pup and a retriever which are mouthy by nature so she will try and sneak one every now and then. So we say the command and she listens and then gives us those sad puppy eyes, too funny.
    Kongs filled only works here, we stuff with pb, carrots, apples and a small training treat.
    Sweet Bella Mia at Zion National Park.

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