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    DefaultFrontline Plus to Advantix

    I am an old member on this forum but could not remember my old password and no longer have the email account it is tied to, so I had to create a new one...

    Headed over to my Vet's office the other day to pickup another 6 month box of Frontline Plus when they told me that they are not carrying it anymore as it is not working well in our area. They told me that they do have and are now recommending Advantix. I didn't think a whole lot about it and i asked the girl behind the counter if it was safe to just switch my labs from Frontline to Advantix, she said yes perfectly safe no problems at all....

    I never got to see my Vet as he was busy and tied up with other animals that had appointments, so I never got to ask him directly, so I figured I would check on here...

    So after my long rant, my simple question is... Is it safe to switch my pups from Frontline Plus to Advantix??

    I want to make sure before I give them their montly dose.


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    Hi Matt

    I live in the Uk and I have changed Saska to Advantix with no problem from Frontline

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    Yes, it's safe.
    Java was on Frontline but it didn't work for crap...she ended up with alot of ticks and Lyme disease at 5 months, on Frontline. Switched her right to Advantix and haven't found a tick on her yet. Moka is also on Advantix.

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    I'm switching Salty over to Advantix, too.

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    Mine were always on Advantix with no problems, I tried Frontline once and it didn't work. I went back to Advantix with no problem.

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