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    i have 2 dogs. a female(spayed) lab/english springer spaniel mix and a male black lab. about 1yr ago my male started humping my female, about every 4 to 6 weeks, for no reason. we thought maybe she was putting out some odor or something. and the vet suggest urinary track infection... so we gave her cranberry pills and that seemed to help the situation for a while but about 4-6 weeks later it starts all over again... what can i do to stop this or how do i stop him from doing this?

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    "Humping" between dogs is NOT necessarily -- or usually -- a desire to procreate. For that reason, looking for biologcal/physiological vectors may be fruitless.

    It's probably much more often an attempt to establish positions in a dominance hierachy if ever they are in doubt or when the more dominant dog needs reassurance of its position.

    For that reason, you'll very often find ♀s mounting/humping ♀s as well as ♂s mounting/humping ♂s.

    In dogs, it's OFTEN NOT a sexual attraction issue but an attempt to settle a dominance issue.

    My first thought of potentially stopping this is to immediately assert your own dominance by saying and enforcing "NO".

    But this is SUCH a universal, common problem, I'm sure Dr. Patricia McConnell's group has been faced with this many, many times and possibly they have a booklet which covers this issue and ways to handle this.

    Google, e-mail them with your concern, and ask if they have a booklet or advice.

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