My 23 mo old female eats like it's her last meal !
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Thread: My 23 mo old female eats like it's her last meal !

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    DefaultMy 23 mo old female eats like it's her last meal !

    Baily gets 2 cups of food 2 times a day and treats (usually carrots) during the evening for her good behavior. We have to close our 5 year old male in the laundry room to eat - otherwise she will eat his food and then chase down the poodle and steal his food. She is NOT starving - even though she acts like it. Actually she is probably about 8 to 10 lbs to heavy. I want to get her weight down - but feel quilty about cutting back on her feeding. Any one else have a dog who would eat themselves silly ?? Any advice ??

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    She's a Lab. This is (for most of them) their standard condition.

    I would cut out some on the kibble and replace it with green beans - less calories but enough bulk to fill her up. A lot of people do that here.

    Can you feed her in her crate? I don't think it is fair to the other dogs to make mealtime stressful.

    I have one who is a slow eater (he'd be a grazer if he was an only dog) and one who rushes through his food. He will not push the slow one aside, but if Blaise walks away from his bowl and one of us is not looking he will help himself. Fortunately, our presence will keep Diesel from eating the other one's food.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    My lab puppy is 16 weeks and he does the same thing! We're in the process of teaching him to sit and stay while we pour his food otherwise he rushes the bowl and makes a big mess. He also has to be monitored so he doesnt eat our little dogs food. I'm glad to hear its typical eating habits of a lab. i was worried we werent feeding him enough even though we were following the guidelines on the bag of food. We had even changed to a more expensive food thinking it would fill him better. Thanks

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    What you are experiencing is not unusual. HK would still be doing the same if it were not for a 3 month effort to put a stop to it.

    (1) If the dog is truly overwieght, our vet would tell you to cut down the protion by 25%, track the weight, and when it stabilizes at a new level, assess if another 25% cut is needed.
    (2) We trained HK to sit and wait for release to eat her food. We fed the other dogs, in our case visiting dogs, at the same time. We would stand between HK and the other dogs bowls. She would not be allowed to approach the others dog's food, and the bowls would be lifted when the other dogs finished. As time passed, we fed the dogs closer and closer together, eventually each learned which bowl was theirs and no one would touch anothers bowl. It took 3 months to get HK to figure this out. She still eats hers rapidly, but does not go after the others food.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    very normal for labs and alot of dogs actually. I do encourag the sit/wait to give you space to set the food down and teach her patience (I do this with my dogs and teach ALL fosters to do this). If she is eating to fast and you want to slow her down stick something in the bowl or spead out the food (to entertain some fosters when I leave I spill the bowl in the crate, keeps them busy ad though it isn't my goal, would slow down the eating process).

    Don't let the dog dictate the amount you feed them. no matter how much they eat some will always want and beg for more. Feed the appropriate amount for her health.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    All my labs have inhaled their food within minutes. Simon gets fed first and then I immediately feed Miles. I'm not even sure they chew any of their kibble.
    - Never trust a dog to guard your food -

    Beck's Frequent Flyer (Miles) 1/26/10
    Beck's Keepin' It Simple, JH (Simon) 4/25/07
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    I've been VERY fortunate that my present Lab, Puff, is a self-regulator of food. (I did a poll on JL about 5+ years ago and only 10% of about 70 respondents said their Labs were self-regulating for food intake. About 90% were like my first Lab, Bess, a true glutton for whom too much was never enough. THAT was a severe ongoing problem for us all her life; no food, anywhere available to a motivated Lab, was ever safe.)

    For many Labs, their owners must monitor and use good judgment because most Labs will not exercise ANY judgment on the issue of "how much food is enough to eat?"

    I buy 5 lb. packages of frozen green string beans at Sam's Club (about $5) and cook up (w/o adding salt) about a 3 day supply. I add 3/4 -1 c. of cooked frozen string beans to Puff's evening meal of 1 c. Kirkland C&R kibble and half of a (bacon slice) sized piece of cooked (frozen) salmon.

    Works for us and keeps Puff lean and consistently judged as in ideal shape and condition by our vets at K-State's CollVetMed.

    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

    Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog":

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    Quote Originally Posted by banoel View Post
    All my labs have inhaled their food within minutes. Simon gets fed first and then I immediately feed Miles. I'm not even sure they chew any of their kibble.
    How are their teeth? That is my main concern with Diesel, he just hoovers his food! I've even tried to hand feed his meal time kibble but even one kibble at a time he inhales without chewing. Cookies on the other hand he actually chews. I've implemented some healthy cookie options so he can get a little help with tartar control, etc by actually chewing something but I can't keep giving him cookies! It's just crazy to watch him inhale his food, I can't imagine the indigestion he must feel!

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