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    DefaultMy Dog's Stitches..

    He was neutered on 6/9 and I got him from the SPCA on 6/11. He is 11 weeks old. They told me not to give him a bath for a few days because of the stitches and that they will heal. One week later I'm not sure if they're healing at the rate they should be and he stinks a little bit so I want to give him a bath. Below I have attached a picture of his stitches so if there is anyone here who could give me some advice or tell me if they look okay, that would be wonderful.

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    Did you take the pup to your vet after getting him for a check up? Even though you got him at the shelter, I would have gotten him introduced to your vet right away.

    The photo isn't that great, but the incision site doesn't look that great from what I can see. Might just be that he wasn't stitched up nice and smoothly. Doesn't look infected though.

    If the pup smells, you CAN get dog deodorizing wipes at the pet store. They look like baby wipes, and you can wipe his coat down. Or buy a waterless shampoo foam or something like that.

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