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    DefaultSurgery tomorrow

    My 6 month Sydney is being spayed tomorrow morning. I feel so anxious for her.I tried to tell her about it tonight, but she just kept looking at me with those BIG brown puppy eyes.I am a nurse by profession I hope I can make her feel better! Please any advise would be helpful this is my first puppy.I pulled up her food at 8pm as instructed by our vet.The Vet told me she will not have a collar, unless she needs it?He also told me to use Hydrogen Peroxide to sutures only if they become dirty?He also told me water in the morning is ok?I have done my research and realize this is a major surgery for pup.I am in search for some home care advise. Thank you! Syd's mom

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    Hydrogen Peroxide? Who recommends that for a clean wound? Don't use it, it kills healthy tissue.

    I'm sure she'll be fine. Don't let her lick her sutures, but after 2-3 days she'll be just perfect.

    Don't clean her wound at all, leave it alone.
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    Don't leave her on her own without a collar for the first few days !

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