4 mo puppy sneezing a lot
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Thread: 4 mo puppy sneezing a lot

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    Default4 mo puppy sneezing a lot

    My 4 mo puppy Poe has started sneezing - A LOT - over the past couple days. She sneezes like 5-6 times in a row every time I take her out of her crate, and then a few times in a row when she's outside sniffing around. But not really inside the house, other than right when she comes out of her crate. Oh, and sometimes she paws at her snout too, like it itches or something.

    She has no cough, and no blood or nasal discharge that I can notice. Could it be allergies or something? I suppose I should call the vet huh...gosh I feel like I LIVE at the vet's office!

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    she could have something stuck in her nazal passage. I would have the vet check.

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