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Thread: Fleas???

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    Hi Everyone,
    About 2.5-3 weeks ago I applied frontline plus to both Sami and our cat Happy. They both had a good number of fleas on them. In the area I'm in we normally only have to use frontline plus on Sami about 3 months out of the year. We just don't have many fleas... I've NEVER had to give it to happy who's about 6 and he's outside half the time. He's just never had them. In years past the application of frontline to sami would do the trick and no more fleas. Well... I'm almost at 3 weeks into the last frontline application and still seeing fleas. On mother's day I used that powder stuff for our carpet and the fleas had been very few and far between for a week or so. Still there but the few I was finding on them were dead or easily killed so they were weak. No this morning I noticed they both have a decent amount again....
    What are my options? I've never had a problem that a simple application of frontline plus can't fix...

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    I've never had to deal with fleas, but I use Frontline for ticks on my dogs so I've researched it a bit and did come across some stuff on fleas. From what I remember reading on fleas, Frontline alone won't get rid of them if your house or the dog's area is infested. You have to kill them where they're hanging out like your carpet. I'm guessing they're spread out more than just carpeting. They might be in your furniture, clothes, etc. You might need to hire a fumigator. I don't know this for sure though as I've never had to deal with fleas. I just remember my uncle built a new house a few years ago and found out the neighbor's house and dog were infested with fleas. The dog and their kids had come over a few times and they had to fumigate their brand new house to get rid of the fleas. They had to move out for a week I believe. Good luck!

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    Hauts is right - you have an infestation in your house and probably in your yard as well. You have to kill them where they live or they are going to keep climbing on your dog.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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