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    My dog Lucy is 15 months old and has been on the Natural Balance original formulat dog food for about 9 months now. She used to love it and never had a problem eating. I have noticed over the past month she has quit eating as much and turns her nose up to her food...unless she is all out starving.

    Since she has gotten a little older, I do give her a piece of table food here or there. And sometimes she eats chicken at my parents house. When she stays at their house she also eats their dried dog food (pedigree) mixed with Pedigree canned food. She seems to love the canned food, but I know that the Pedigree is not good for her, and I want to keep her on a good food.

    I went to the pet store the other day to get her another kind of food to try. I spoke with an employee there and she said she didn't recommend mixing wet and dry dog food b/c she would get to where she wouldn't eat just her dry food and that is what helps keep her teeth clean. So...I got her a bag of B.G. Chicken formula (Before Grain brand). I came home and mixed it up with the Natural Balance and she wouldn't touch it.

    Well, my curiosity got the best of me last night and I decided to eat a piece of each food. It was by far the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. So I gave her some rotisserie chicken last night and just fed her that. She has not touched her food today, and I do not know what to do. I feel bad feeding her that crap, and I guess she knows how bad it is b/c she knows what tabel food tastes like. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? Maybe a homemade food I can start making her to where it's good for her, and it tastes good too. I know she's a dog and she needs to eat dog food, but I just feel so bad feeding her that crap. Any advice at all will help so much!

    Laura and Lucy

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    There are good quality canned foods out there that are 95% meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) It wouldn't hurt to mix a tablespoon of one of these good wet foods in with her dry food. (I use Wellness 95% beef and EVO 95% Venison-you can buy the Wellness at Petco, EVO-you'd have to look at their website and find someone that sells it in your area.)
    My girls are on Taste of the Wild High Prairie. It's grain free also...they love it!!
    My girls only get wet food mixed in with their dry food on the weekends, but they have no problem eating the dry food the rest of the time. I do mix green beans, carrots or peas in with their dinner along with some warm water and a scoop of plain fat free yogurt.

    Alot of places like Agways or Tractor Supply places will have sample bags of certain kinds of dog foods (TOTW, Acana, etc.) See if you can get some samples and let Lucy try them. There are alot of good foods out there, I'm sure with some trial and error you can find one that Lucy likes that is also good for her. Also, like I said, adding a little bit of a topper of wet food won't hurt, or adding veggies and yogurt might help also.
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