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    Dee has had runny eyes (one worse than the other) on and off for over two years now. The first time it started with one eye that got very red, irritated and yellow discharge. I took her into the Vet and he used a device (forget the name) to check her pressure. It was slightly off in that one eye, but he said he would expect that because of the irritation. (which at the time he figured was from a very minor scratch that he saw) Anyway he put her on course of eye drops (antibiotic/steroid mix I think) and the eye started to clear up very quickly, but then the other eye became irritated....so used the drops on that eye as well. We figured it had just jumped from one to the other as I guess these things can do if there is any infection. This first occurence was in the early Spring. It seemed to clear up and all was well.....and then she had basically the same thing happen in the mid fall of the same year. Cleared up with the drops again and no problem (at least nothing noticeable) for about 18months. Then out of the blue she had it again last Spring. Her pressures were checked and were fine apparently. None of the subsequent bouts have been as bad as the first.... I guess probably because I treated it the minute I noticed a problem. Anyway here we are this Spring and I'm just noticing a very slight (clear) runnyness in one eye and it doesn't seem to be progressing to a real irritation. There has been a ton of pollen around. After dealing with this a few times over the past 2-3 years my Vet feels quite sure that it's allergy related. That seems to make sense for the most part, although November I would think is an odd month for allergies......and she hasn't had it every Spring. (and never an eye issue prior to about 2.5 years old) I believe she does have other mild allergies. Logically you would think if it was anything serious (and my Vet doesn't think it is) it would have progressed and wouldn't seemingly go away for months at a time, right? I'm still concerned though. Does this sound like anything other than allergy? Anything more ominous? Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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    No one? I just wondered if this sounded like it could be anything more than allergy.....if there was any type of eye disease that would appear to come and go over a long period? I guess what makes me wonder is the fact that when it's acting up it always seems worse in the one eye and I would think that with allergy it would affect both eyes equally. Plus she had it in November one year; which seemed an odd time for allergies. I guess I'll get my Vet to have another look. I just thought I'd check on here and see if this sounded like anything other than allergy to anyone.

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    Sounds like an allergy reaction to me.

    I've dealt with more serious eye complications, and these are not the symptoms. Ruger had non-healing corneal ulcers that required surgery. These are VERY painful and your dog would be rubbing at his eyes and squinting or reluctant to open his eyes. Remington had uvitis, which is an inflammation inside the eye that discolored the inside of his eye and clouded it. Thankfully we did get that cleared up as well... it occured as a reaction to the Bordatella vaccine.

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    It sounds like allergies to me. I'd ask the vet about antihistamines. We've used Zyrtec and Benadryl with our dogs.
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