Recent articles on Cancer in Retrievers/other dogs
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Thread: Recent articles on Cancer in Retrievers/other dogs

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    DefaultRecent articles on Cancer in Retrievers/other dogs

    This is one on cancer incidence in Golden Retrievers but much of it applies to Labs and other breeds. A table lists incidence of CA in various breeds including Labs. There's a link to a longer article on CA in a writer's Golden.

    Preventing Cancer in Dogs - Well Blog -

    A friend of mine yesterday said the Wall Street Journal (Wednesday) has a long article on Cancer in Dogs in the Personal Journal section of the paper. He's a dog lover who lost a Fox Terrier to bone cancer of the jaw. He's giving it to me today. IIRC, the WSJ article says the rate of CA in dogs is increasing.

    Also I'll ETA a link to a long, informative article I found on the web on splenic cancers that I previously posted but will provide the link again.

    Canine Hemangiosarcoma

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    Psycho (our rabbit) developed an eye tumor when he was only a few months old. The vet removed it, but it returned and he suggested that, if it didn't cause Psycho any distress we should leave it rather than submit him to surgery every few months. I read about broccoli and its anti cancer properties and gave it to Psycho twice a week from then on. The tumour never returned. Poor Psycho died a month ago (aged 6, pretty good for a rabbit) but he remained tumor free (and never needed to visit the vet again)

    Is it OK to give a Labrador broccoli??? If it is, then I will start Dinozzo on it now.

    *OOoooops, just read it again...but how much broccoli does 1/2 cup liqidized equal????*
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    Dr Ruthan Chun the head of oncology at UNWI says if dogs have anti oxidants, fish oil, flax seed and are feed green leafy veges 3 times a week they are less lilley to get cancer. The veges either cooked or raw and human size portions.

    She says genetic screening is on the way. She says studies being done suggest many cancers have strong genetic factor with more than 1 gene mutates.
    Dr Cheryl London from Ohio university has been doing genetic studies.

    I agree it does seem more dogs are getting cancer. This is very sad. It is more awareness and better diganoses we are seeing more.
    It also appears bigger dogs are more prone to bone cancer, with Rotties topping the list. I am stil active in the bone cancer group and organisation and rarely do we see a small dog.

    I just hope with awarenss and research one day soon we will find some answers.

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    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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