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    Hi to everyone i will be buying a labrador puppy and i just wanted to know
    Do Labradors get cancer? How many percent of them do get?
    I know goldens get 60-70%

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    There are many different forms of cancer and different breeds have a higher prevalence of getting some forms than others.

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    Are you getting the pup from a good breeder with great lines? That helps.

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    Cancer can strike any dog. Rotties have a higher percentage of bone cancer than other breeds.

    When we buy a dog we hope to have it for at least 12-14 years. My first Lab came from one of N.Zs most reputable breeders and at 2 she was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw. This is extremely rare.
    Sorry Amy I don't want to stir, but for me having had 2 dogs from a top breeder and both with health issues I am not sure having the best breeder will ensure a healthy dog.

    I think we have to love our dogs and care for them the best we can while they are with us and not worry about what the future holds.

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    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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    I think ones best bet is not only to look for reputable breeders but those that take longetivity seriously.. just as important as hips, elbows, heart, etc. I looked at great great grandparents and made sure they were living past 10. if the dog's grand parents produced one boy who died of cancer at 3 or 4, then that line is out of the picture for me. I also researched what they died of. I do feel cancer is triggered by certain things in the environment, chemicals, etc. but i do also feel it has a lot to do with genetics.

    As Kassabella put, don't worry too much about the future though, you'll drive yourself nuts. Life is never guaranteed..

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    If you do some research I think you will find it is one of the leading causes of death in labs these days. Also one reason why the life expectancy of a labrador is not as great as it was years ago. However you have to remember that the number of labs with/and or dying from cancer is so much greater because of the number of labrador retrievers born every year. All that being said it is a valid question to ask any breeder what the history of cancer is in their dogs. I am not sure how many breeders actually ahs accurate information along those lines though. In fairness to them I don't imagine they know about each and every dog they've placed, how long they've lived and or their cause of death. Yet most breeders have multiple dogs in their home and if you see repeated incidences of cancer in the dogs living with them that I think that is a valid red flag in whether or not you might choose to purchase a pup from them.

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