my lab ate brownie mix... should i take him to vet?
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Thread: my lab ate brownie mix... should i take him to vet?

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    Defaultmy lab ate brownie mix... should i take her to vet?

    my roommate came home to find my lab (55 lbs) covered in brownie mix... she ate a box that was sitting out. the box said 'natural cocoa' is the last ingredient, so it doesn't appear to be super concentrated. i called the manufacturer just in case, waiting to hear back.

    i rushed home and since she has been super thirsty, has vomitted up what looks like *most* of the brownie mix after drinking a few bowls of water. she's gone #1 twice, and #2 once, with no diarrhea.

    overall, she doesn't seem hyperactive or restless... she's very mellow and laying around...i checked her pulse, it seems a little high but i think that's mostly b/c she gets scared when she vomits...

    can anyone tell me whether this seems life threatening or if she needs vet attn? i am going to call the animal hospital now.

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    Calling the hospital is definitely a good idea, but if she puked most of it up I think there is not too much to worry about if it recently happened and she didn't have a chance to digest a lot of it. They will most likely tell you to get her to puke (which she did) and monitor her.

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    My German Shepherd ate an entire pan of brownies once, I was in high school and had made them for the bake sale. We woke to her having thrown up brownie sludge on all three of our Florida room couches. She was in convulsions and we called the emergency vet and he suggested Pepto-Bismal, to stop the dry heaves. Needless to say, my mother was not pleased as we then had pink everywhere.

    But, she did survive. I would definitely call the vet, but as suggested, vomiting it up is probably the best thing she could have done.

    Good luck!

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