Questions about meds for itchy dog?
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Thread: Questions about meds for itchy dog?

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    QuestionQuestions about meds for itchy dog?

    I have a 2 year old lab with skin and paw chewing issues. We have her on meds that work part of the time, we have spray for hot spots & have been working to see if it is food allergies or not. We are wondering if the meds we have her on could be stopping her from going into a regular heat? She has only had one aroung 6 months. Any advise. We want to breed her with our male lab, he is 5 yrs. They would make very wonderful pups. We also wondered if the allergies could be hereditary.

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    Well, you probably won't like what I'm going to say- there are already too Labs needing homes these days because people have a male and female they think will make "very wonderful pups". For the sake of the breed, please spay and neuter your dogs. Now, back to your original questions- I have no idea what meds you're giving your dog, but if it is something that would mess with her heat cycle, or throw her system "off", all the more reason not to breed her. As for your other question- I do believe allergies can be hereditary. They are in people (sometimes).

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    Ernie had horrible allergies. Itched 24 hours a day. I couldn't get an appointment for a skin doctor for a month so while I waited I took him off kibble. Within a week he stopped itching. I am not saying feed raw, but it seemed to me it was food related. Many people feed home cooked for allergy dogs.
    If you do try to see if it is food use something without wheat. Maybe duck and potato. Others will come in here as I don't know the food in the U.S.A. Don't feed anything else. Not a titbit of cheese, bread, nothing. I made that mistake and it wasn't until he was diagnosed with Crohsn and I had to be very strict with his diet that the itchys stopped. It takes about 4-6 weeks for a good food trial. Even then after 6 months they can develop a sensitivity to the food and star itching again.

    I think allergies are pehaps hereditary.

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    Do both of your dogs have all of their clearances and titles for breeding?

    Back to your original question, what food are you feeding her? Most labs with problems like that, comes down to the food. My Frankie had horrible ear issues until I put him on a grain free diet.

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