Constant licking/chewing of paws. Helpful advice needed
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Thread: Constant licking/chewing of paws. Helpful advice needed

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    DefaultConstant licking/chewing of paws. Helpful advice needed

    Now that spring has sprung and the backyard grass and dandelions are growing my 2 year old lab Bart is licking/chewing his paws fairly regularly. In the winter time he did it a little bit but nothing like he is doing it now. Last summer he did pretty much the same and the vet gave him some allegy meds that did help some but not completely. Money is very tight at our house so I'd like to try to save money on a vet bill if there is an over the counter med I could give him. I have some 25mg antihistimine over the counter people allergy medication but I am very hesitant to give this to him. He weighs 60 lbs. I will take him to the vet if need be...I won't jeopardize my Bartie boys health to save a few bucks. The vet is great in many ways. He does "work with you" regarding the bill. I have been paying him $30 a month for most of last year and this year for regular checkups and shots for our brood. So my question is: Is it safe to give the 25mg antihistimine to Bart for his allergies? I can just call my vet with this question too but I am just asking here for any info or experiences. I realize not to take any info here as medical advice. Thank you. --Chris and Bart

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    What is he eating? If his kibble has corn and wheat in it, those could be the cause of his problem. Our girl Shadow was always licking and chewing at her paws and has horrible, gunky ears. Took her off all wheat and corn and put her on a grain-free food and all the problems went away! When we adopted the boys, each of them had problems that cleared up on grain-free food, too.

    Yes, you can give a dog Benedryl, but I do not remember the dosage for it per pound of body weight.
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    You can give benadryl - make sure it is regular benadryl not "D" (for Raven we have given her 2 pills 25 mg each twice a day, she is 80 lbs., I think she could have 3 pills but since we were giving it to her on a daily basis, we stuck with a lower dosage)
    Also we give fish oil pills which are helpful for dry skin if that is part of the problem.

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