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    DefaultScience Diet Prescription J/D

    Does anybody feed this prescription diet for your dogs with arthritis? A vet recommended me this food. I currently feed them Eukanuba Labrador, but will be trying it. Just wanted to know if anybody could share their experience


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    I've never fed it, but I have heard it isn't a great food. Vets recommend it because they sell it at their offices.
    Java has joint issues and will have to deal with arthritis in the future (double TPLO, degenerative joint disease and ED). I read that a grain free diet is best for dogs with arthritis/joint issues because the grain in dog foods can cause inflammation in the joints and aggravate these conditions. So, I switched Java from Eukanuba to Taste of the Wild. Higher protein, less fillers and no grains. So far it is working great...she has lost a couple of pounds and looks awesome. Really seems to love the food too.
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    I work in a vet clinic and I have seen the great things that certain SD foods can do, but the j/d is not one of them. We don't prescribe it to patients at all.

    I would recommend staying with a food you know your dogs do well on and going the supplement route. Both of my dogs are on Dasuquin, which is a chewable tablet given once daily. It is a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. There are also other supplements that are geared more towards arthritis, so I would look into those, too.. A particular food is not going to be a cure-all in this case. Keeping them lean and slim will definitely help so that there is less stress on the joints.

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    My dog was prescribed this once he was diagnosed with ED. He hated it, and it cost about $130 for a 12kg bag (£75 in my money :-) ). We have switched him back to his original food (Purina Beta light) and have a supplement powder (that contains omega 3, msm, Gluc and chondroitin) that we mix with his food. It has only been 6 weeks but he is doing just fine on it.

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    Didn't do anything for Ernies H.D. Upset hs allergies more.
    He has been sore and I have been trying to explain to the vet how he can't get up steps andhow he moves. Then while waiting at the office this week they had a T.V. going with all the good things JD does. One dog was exactly like Ernie. I told the vet. She gave me this funny look and said. Umm. We need to get him xrayed tomorrow and food wont fix that.

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    SOME Hill's (Sci. Diet) Rx foods can be ENORMOUSLY helpful to a dog's life and recovery or terminal, palliative living.

    Others -- no.

    So please, don't dismiss ALL of them.

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