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    Our dog Charlie is starting to show early signs of his seasonal allergies and is scratching. Last year the vet gave him some strong stuff (steroids) and I would prefer to avoid them. Has anyone ever used any human allergy medication on their dogs? is it safe? I just figure we could give him a childrens douse .

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    Never give human meds to a dog unless your vet prescribes them. I had to go to the vet late one night for an emergency. There was a dog in the hospital making the most terrible moaning/whining noise you could imagine. I asked my vet what was wrong with it? The owner (a nurse) had given it a human antibiotic & caused multiple organ failure. The poor dog had to be PTS a short time later.

    That was over 20 years ago & the sound of that dog dying was something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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    You can give Charlie Benadryl... There's a certain dosage you need to stick to.. I give my girl 2 pills at breakfast and 2 at dinner. Recomended by my vet...

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    I give my Eddie a Zyrtec every day, recommended by my vet, He can also take Benadryl..

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    You should speak with your vet before starting any medication with your dog. They should be able to work with you to get a routine down and still avoid steroids. Definitely give them a call and discuss your concerns.

    We've had the best luck with first generation antihistamies (benadryl) versus second (zyrtec). The dose we use for benadryl is 1-2 mg/lb every 8-12 hours. Most benadryl tablets are 25 mg - be sure you have only Diphenhydramine HCl as the single active ingredient. Not benadryl sinus, or cold, or anything else.

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    I use Quercetin/Bromelaine (natural antihistimine - the Bromelaine helps with uptake of the Q)and it works better than Benadryl. Ask your vet about it. I buy it at and give one in a.m. and one in p.m. meal.

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