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    So, I searched JL for a review on Acana Pacifica dog food and found none.

    I've done some research online on it and it looks like a great product. Basically, Dio has had chronic ear infections and pretty bad dandruff when I brush him. He's been on Innova LBP since 2 weeks after we brought him home, so, for the past 8 months. I decided to switch him to an adult food at 10 months and chose Acana Pacifica for the grain-free formula and the fish one for the coat attributes.

    My question, has anyone tried this? Do yo think it will help?

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    I am feeding Acana Pacifica to my dog (she's a year old). The main problem is getting a bag, with constant shortages of Pacifica. When she is on other brands of fish based food she has dandruff, but not when on Pacifica. The reason she is on fish is a chicken intolerance (loose stool). If your dog is not intolerant to chicken you might try Wild Prairie first, its easier to get, and I don't need the competition! Keep in mind that even Wild Prairie has plenty of fish oil in it, the Omega 6 to 3 ratio on Wild Prairie is 5.5:1, which is a lot more Omega 3 proportionally than most foods some are 10:1 or even less of Omega 3.


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