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    DefaultQuestion about Gum Color

    We were walking Chester today and met a couple who used to have Labradors and we told him we were not exactly sure if Chester was pure Lab or a mix, and they looked at his gums. Said something about the color of the gums being a way to tell.

    I had never heard of this, and wondered if there was any truth in the matter. It doesn't matter to us if he is a mix, we love him, he is a great pup, and so forth. But I was curious about this subject.

    Thanks for any help.

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    In a word, no. You cannot tell if a dog is purebred or a mix by its gums.


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    I had a man tell me that also last summer. He was certain that Dio was a mix (because of the white patch on his chest) and told me to look at his gums to check. I did, and according to that man, Dio passed the test... was a weird experience to say the least!
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