Any ideas? My dog is chronically lame!
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Thread: Any ideas? My dog is chronically lame!

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    UnhappyAny ideas? My dog is chronically lame!

    Clancy is not yet three years old.

    At one, we noticed he got a bit sore in his back end if he exercised hard. I made sure he had regular, moderate exercise and that seemed to go away.

    At two, he had a really bad bout; I was throwing a ball for him and as he was running he pulled up with a yelp and would not weight bear on one back leg. As it happens I had an appointment with his vet later that day, but she could find nothing wrong. He was having eye surgery (for entropion) and so they xrayed his hips while he was under anesthesia. While one ball and socket were a tiny bit smaller than the other, his hips were well seated and looked good. The vet suggested Glucosamine for 6 weeks. Just before he had to have his stitches out, he did a similar thing and could not weight bear on the other hind leg. When he was under sedation for the stitch removal, both vets in the practise had a good look at his hips and checked his ACLs, thinking it could be a problem there, but found nothing - no looseness in the knees or problem with the ligaments on palpation.

    I continued the glucosamine until the bottle was gone which actually worked out to nearly three months, and Clancy was pretty good. When he was off it for 3 weeks or so, he went back to being really sore! He alternates which leg he limps on and can't tolerate even a short walk or play. I put him back on the joint medication ( Next Level, with glucosamine, MSM, shark cartilege, mussel [natural hyaluronic acid], and ester-C) and see an improvement in a week.

    Anybody have anything similar happen? My vets - both are very, very good - are stumped.

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    Sorry to hear about Clancy, i cant offer any advice but i hope you find a solution for him soon. Have you considered it may be his paw and not his hips? just a thought...

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    Where do you live?

    For something like this, I'd want to take him to a good College/School of Vet Med Teaching Hospital where they have specialists and the latest diagnostics,

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    Hmm.. sounds kind of odd to me. I would obviously continue with the glucosamine if it seems to help. I also think that you should look into seeing some sort of specialist.. it doesn't sound like an everyday type of problem, so it may be hard for a regular vet to diagnose properly.

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