Concerned at puppy's size
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Thread: Concerned at puppy's size

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    DefaultConcerned at puppy's size

    Concerned at puppy's size
    Hey everyone. I am new to the board and I am a little concerned that my black lab puppy is not growing fast enough. Does that sound crazy to think?? He is 14 weeks old and only weighs 24 pounds. I have been on multiple lab boards and see 14 week labs that are much bigger than my lab and weigh in the 30lbs. Saw the vet yesterday for his last round of shots and she said he seemed small for his age but still has a lot of loose skin and huge paws to grow into. Did any of you have a dog that hit his growth spurt late? Am I silly for being concerned about this? I tend to worry alot. Let me know what you think and thanks in advance for your input.

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    Have you talked to your breeder? Lab puppies grow at different rates and your breeder should be able to tell you if your pup is growing ok for his lines. If your vet isn't too concerned and you can't see ribs, he's probably fine though.

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    We got 2 dogs form the same litter (when i see we, I mean my Hubby and i got one and my MIL got the other). Both males, and both grew at different rates. My harvey ate like a pig and was slow to grow, where as his brother pretty much starved himself for the first couple of weeks and shot up like a weed. As Nicole says, if you cant see his ribs everything is probably fine. Congratulation on your new puppy!

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