Abcess-like growth under tongue of 8 month old lab
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Thread: Abcess-like growth under tongue of 8 month old lab

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    DefaultAbcess-like growth under tongue of 8 month old lab

    A mysterious growth was spotted under the tongue of my lab when he was under anaesthetic for his castration. An irregular mass speckled with white blobs (possibly calcium deposits according to the vet)
    She was reluctant to remove the growth - due to its proximity to the salivary gland outlet - but put him on antibiotics. After a couple of weeks it is still there - and the vet thinks we should just keep an eye on it - since its clearly not bothering him. I am worried though. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be?

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    No idea but the chance it could be cancerous would have me getting a second opinion on removing it or not.

    Good luck. Prayers it is not serious. Ask about aspirating it too.

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    I forget the name, Papyloma, I think. What you describe is like it. Actually a virus that will go away on its own. I am surprised your vet did not mention this. HK had one for about two weeks after I iniitally noticed it and then it just disappeared. I was really pset with it and asked here and got this as a possibility, then took her in to the vet and she confirmed it. Hope that is all that you are dealing with, but I would personally get a vet to confirm this.
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    generally antiboitcs don't do much for a abcess if that is what it is). Most abcesses will resolve on their own. I'd want to be an eye on it might be something else.

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