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    Defaultchocolate lab color changing

    My chocolate lab is 4 months old and on his back and tail patches of his coat are changing to a lighter brown. Is he losing his puppy coat or is he not a purebred? I have tried to call the breeder but she has changed her number. Any help would be greatly appreciates.

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    Could be either Chocolates do tend to get lighter around the ears, back and butt when they blow there coat. Your puppy having the appropriate papers would tell you if she's purebred.

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    Get yourself a Furminator, it is really usefull when they are blowing their coat. But it could be that you are seeing the dead fur, tends to lighten in color, and is going to come off anyway. The Furminator would answer that question, and get rid of a lot of fur at one time, in one place.
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    I had the same question with my black lab. When he was a pup and the sun hit him just right, he looked like a chocolate. Sooner or later that puppy fur came out and he is now a very black black lab.
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