elbow dysplasia-sorry this is long!
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Thread: elbow dysplasia-sorry this is long!

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    Defaultelbow dysplasia-sorry this is long!

    Does anyone have any experience with elbow dysplasia? We purchased a black lab puppy from a reputable breeder. Both parents were certified for hip and elbow dysplasia. We have all of the certifications. He is now 14 months old. When he was around 6-7 months we noticed symptoms. Took to our reg. vet who could not find anything. We then took him to a board certified ortho. vet who diagnosed FCP in right elbow only. He had arthroscopic surgery October, 2009. We followed all of the rules - first 4 weeks confined to crate. Next 4 weeks leash only. He was doing great. THen unfortunately this winter we have had way more snow then usual. Feb. 6th we had 22 inches. He ran through the deep snow - but we didn't let him do it all day long. We than noticied he was limping. So for the next week we rested him. He was again doing good. Yesterday I took him for a 20 minute walk he did is usual things on the weekend. This morning he woke up limping bad. I have never had any experince with this. I do know that the ortho vet said he will NEVER have a normal elbow, and I understand that. But what am I to expect in the future. He is a happy lab with alot of zest for life. The breeder was informed and has returned my purchase price. I just feel so bad because it seems like we just can't let him be a normal dog. Can anyone offer any advice.

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    tristan was diagnosed with ED around 14 mos ... I chose not to do the surgery (the specialist said mucking about could do more harm than good) and went the conservative route. He needs metacam in the winter, and I keep him VERY thin, swimming him as much as I can in the summer but otherwise just letting him set his own limits. He's 11 now, and though he has trouble with stairs and can't take long walks anymore, he's happy and healthy.

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