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    Hello! I just brought my Black Lab, Madison home from having surgery on both of her ACL's- It's been very stressful- especially taking her out to use the bathroom. Has anyone ever gone through this before? I am just wondering how long it will be this hard for? She wants to run and move around but we can't let her. I don't even like it when she stands up for too long. I know she has a long recovery ahead of her especially because she had both done at the same time. Please any advice/suggestions/info will be greatly appreciated..... Thank you!

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    oh wow; both at once...bless his heart. you both have a long road ahead of you. my black lab had his right knee done at the beginning of november. he was completely healed at his 8 week checkup. it is IMPERATIVE that you keep him crated or confined to a very small area and only let out for leashed potty breaks. the next few weeks are very fragile and you don't want those pins to back out of come loose. he should be on some sort of pain meds for the next few days. if he's having trouble going out, use a towel under his waist to help left his a bit to walk. you can actually buy a harness to do this or make one yourself from a tote bag.
    you can get large marrow bones or freeze kongs with yogurt in them; i bought those applesauce or fruit cups and froze them to give him something to do while in the crate.
    i know how hard it is to keep them crated...i have 3 other labs that sleep upstairs with me and it broke my heart to leave him downstairs in the crate, but it is BEST. It will help his healing go more quickly and smoother.
    please feel free to PM me if i can be of further help.

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    Oh no poor baby, but I know what she's going through. I tore my ACL and had surgery a few weeks ago. Hope she gets all better soon.
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